There are many ways to play charades, an old favourite, and one that always works well once you get started. This is great for sleepovers, for family parties, and for any age group upwards from 8.

Getting started
Sit in a circle and whisper to the player on your left the name of a film, book, show, or song. The player must then step into the circle and mime it for everyone to guess.

Before you start, you indicate the Category of charade it is.
- A film, you do the actions for a movie camera
- A stage show, you draw some curtains
- A book, you open a book
- A song, you hold both hands up to your mouth, as if shouting
- TV show, draw a rectangular TV set

Count the Words
- Count the number of words and first indicate that using your fingers.
- Then indicate which word you are then going to act.
Then you start acting the charade.

A few basic techniques
- To mime a syllable, tap a finger on your arm to show that you are miming the first syllable, two fingers for the second, etc.
- Touch your ear if you want to mime a "sounds like". For example miming a "cat" when they are trying to guess "bat" 

- To indicate that you are miming the whole thing rather than a syllable, draw a circle in the air.
- small words are signed by holding the index finger and thumb close together, but not touching.
- "The" is signed by making a "T" sign with the index fingers.
- Etc.

Other Ways to Play

Version 2: Another way to play charades is to split into 2 teams, and take it in turns to come up with a book, play, film or musical. Select one player from the other team, who you tell the name to, and they then have 2 minutes to mime it to their team. Award points for getting it right in 1 minute, 2 minutes and for best acting skills.

Version 3: Or you can pull the charade out of a hat. This is the best way to play for sleepovers.



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I play it the other way were u just think and then act it out. 4 instance if ur thinking of a bird u could start flaping ur hands and theres NO TALKING that wht makes it fun!!!!!


i always play this and my mates LOVE IT



i really like this game!!!!! Every teenager should play game. Must have LOVE IT XOXOXOXOXO


in response to the comment on the 4th jan 2006, of course u will have heard it somewhere else. if u thought b4 writin u wud have remembered that it was 1 OF THE MOST FAMOUS GAMES EVER!!!! btw sounds fun, might have a go!



I guessssss but there making it harder then it has to b :/ its like charades but MORE rules -_-


rhymes with is the basically the same thing as sounds like duh!!!!



it sound different


sum1 kewl

kinda like pictionary really kewl!


tnx so much!!!!!!!!1



fantastic this game was a real hit


oldie but a goodie


I have herd it before somwhere else!


It does not indicate how a player tells the group in silence whether a book, movie, or expression. Also does not mention the circular motion that indicates: rhymes with.
Rules should be a little more explanatory.



It made the party people happy.That`s all that matters.


This is fantastic thanks

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August 09, 2005

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